Fire Service issues advice ahead of Halloween

Halloween is this Sunday.

The Fire Service has issued an appeal for people to be safe while celebrating Halloween this weekend.

Chief Fire Officer Noel O’Reilly has published a video message with helpful advice and tips on the dos and don’ts.

Each year, emergency departments around the country are filled with individuals who have suffered injuries, often serious or life-changing, which they sustained from bonfires and fireworks.

Chief Fire Officer Noel O’Reilly says, “We all enjoy a good scare at Halloween, but we would ask the people of Cavan, particularly parents and young people, to leave the frights to trick or treaters”.

“Take it from us, the horrors inflicted by exploding fireworks or burns from bonfires are worse than anything that can be conjured up by Hollywood.”

He’s also issued a reminder that fireworks are illegal in Ireland and are extremely dangerous.

“Fireworks are illegal and unlicenced – once you light that fuse, you are risking catastrophic, devastating injuries that may change your life forever. Similarly, bonfires are often poorly constructed and could contain pressurised containers or have fireworks or accelerants thrown in. Don’t take that risk for yourself or for your children,” added CFO O’Reilly.

The County Council’s Environment Department has also issued an appeal for people to report any piles of pallets or other items left for bonfires.

Acting Senior Engineer with Cavan County Council’s Environment Section, Colm O’Callaghan said, “Members of the public and business owners are asked not to supply any waste material such as pallets to individuals without a valid waste collection permit.”

He’s warned that anyone caught burning waste could face a fine of up to €5,000.

Stockpiles of pallets, tyres, or other items earmarked for bonfires should be reported to Cavan County Council’s environment section at or 049-4378300. For more information on how to manage your household waste visit

The Fire Service has this advice:

Remember, there is no such thing as a safe bonfire, but if you do find yourself attending a bonfire, there are a number of actions you can take to help stay safe:

Stand well back – bonfires are unpredictable and prone to collapse or explosions due to items being thrown in.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to pour fuel such as petrol on an open flame

Ensure any fancy-dress outfits are CE rated as fire retardant

Do not throw any items into the fire that could cause explosions such as fireworks, aerosols, gas canisters, etc.

Ensure bonfires are lit well away from buildings, vehicles, overhead lines, and vegetation. If you are concerned that a bonfire is out of control – call the fire brigade immediately on 999 or 112.