Kitten rescued from near cat-astrophe

Two local charities team up to save tiny feline from river.

Staff at two local charities joined forces to rescue a little kitten that had got itself into quite the scrape after finding itself trapped in the Cavan River.

Workers at the Vincent’s charity shop on Cavan Town’s Bridge Street were first alerted to the frightened feline’s mini meows for help after arriving for work this morning, Wednesday, July 20.

Their attention was drawn to the tiny orange coloured tabby that had the misfortune of finding its way into the neighbouring river, which thankfully runs shallow at this time of year.

Unable to reach, and uncertain on what exactly to do, quick-thinking Vincent’s shop manager Léan Brady contacted Caroline van den Berg at Wild Wardrobe on Main Street to ask if she knew someone who might be willing to rescue and take care of the kitten.

LIttle did she think, less than 10 minutes later, it would be kind-hearted Caroline herself who’d arrive on the scene to bravely scale her way down from the bank wall and into the water, from where she plucked the petrified kitten and wrapped it in a warm towel.

Soon after both the kitten and Caroline of Wild Wardrobe, which raises funds for Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland, were brought to safety.

Caroline later took the kitten to the vet, and is currently caring for the animal at her own home. The kitten had injured one of its front paws, but otherwise is said to be in good health.

Subsequently, Léan and her team at Vincent’s shared a post on social media to tell the tale, and spread word that a kitten had been rescued in the vicinity, in the hope of reuniting the well-cared for kitten with their rightful owner.

Both Vincent’s and Wild Wardrobe are understood to have had several approaches already from interested members of the public willing to give the kitten a forever home.

The puuurrr-fect ending.