Lorraine after she hit her target weight.

Lorraine’s healthier and fitter version of herself!

Slimming World

When the invitation fell to the door mat, Lorraine Brady started to fill with dread. She opened the envelope and thought how she had nothing to wear, and hated the prospect of looking for something to wear.

Lorraine's dream was to wear a dress she loved; not one she had to make do with because it would fit her. This was the turning point for her weight loss journey. Having seen signs about her local Slimming World group in January 2021 she decided to go to her local group in Arvagh.

During her session her Consultant Brid assured her that she would be there for her every step of the way. With Brid's explanation of Food Optimising fresh in her my mind, Lorraine went straight to the supermarket and filled her trolley with fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, eggs, pasta and so much more. She embraced the freedom of the Food Optimising plan, which is easily tailored towards meals you love and still want to enjoy.

The next morning, she started as she meant to go on - breakfast which is one of her favourites Porridge with loads of berries. She knew she was onto a winner especially at lunchtime when she swapped out her normal sandwich for salad packed with veggies and lean meats. One of the family’s all time favourites is Spaghetti Bolognese and all she had to do was make a few simple swaps, like swap from 'jar sauce' to passata or tinned tomatoes.

“I have learned to shop, cook and eat differently since joining our group,” says Lorraine.

After her first week Lorraine had lost 6lb. She was never hungry or felt deprived as she enjoyed all her favourite foods. In group she was learning how to cook her meals differently and even how to enjoy a glass of wine at the weekend and still lose weight.

Before food shopping, Lorraine made a weekly meal plan, then wrote a shopping list. “This really helped me to ensure that my trolley was full of Free Foods,” she explained.

Part of Slimming World’s success is their Food Optimising Plan and their Body Magic Activity programme.

“It is really personalised to you and finding an activity that you yourself love is so important and the group really supports you with this,” Lorraine says, adding she has taken up swimming.

“Body Magic has become part of my everyday life and when I am not in the pool, I am in the gym on my rowing machine.”

As she looked down at the numbers on the scales back in March 24, 2021 she really couldn’t believe she had reached her target weight! Lorraine's consultant Brid and everyone in group were elated for her.

“I was 1st 7lb lighter and looking forward to a healthier and fitter new life. Losing weight helped me to feel more confident in myself and I now have no fear about buying clothes or worrying about any invitations falling on my door mat… I welcome them.”

Brid, who runs the Arvagh and Cavan Slimming World groups, says the support of those who understand your challenges is vital.

“Making healthy changes and breaking habits isn’t easy to do alone and in our Slimming World group, we support members to make behaviour changes by using simple but effective techniques such as ‘for and against’ lists and motivational interviewing. It’s incredible to think how quickly you can turn your life around, just think, if you start today, you too could feel like a completely new person. Just like Lorraine.”

To join, call Brid on 086-372 8862.