Jonny Doyle with the Harley Davidson he hopes will bring him the 10,000km to the northernmost tip of Norway in an effort to raise funds for Cuan Cavan, SoSad and Féileacáin.

Biker to ride 10,000km to Norway’s tip for ‘worthy causes’

Funds raised will be shared out between Cuan Cancer, Sosad and Féileacáin.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ is an old adage that certainly rings true for one Cavan resident as he gears up for a fundraising challenge that will bring him all the way from Ireland to Nordkapp in Norway in 18 days.

Jonny Doyle will begin the challenge next month on a new model Harley Davison in an effort to raise funds for three very worthy charities - Cuan Cancer Support Centre Cavan; Sosad, which raises awareness around the prevention of suicide in Ireland; and Féileacáin, the charity that offers support to those impacted by the death of a baby at the time of birth.

The Nordkapp has been described as “a magical place” where thousands of puffins, gannets, and cormorants congregate on the cliff at Gjesværstappan in Western Finnmark, northern Norway. And for Jonny, it will be the sheer determination he possesses to reach this milestone point that will get him there.

“It’s an interesting one alright,” said Jonny, speaking to The Anglo-Celt this week. “But the charities involved are very close to my heart. I lost my son in Cavan General Hospital some years ago and myself and my wife received great support from Féileacáin at that time.

“Then my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she has come out the other end of, Cuan Cavan was amazing to her and to our whole family. The decision to include Sosad in the fundraising effort came about because our baby Tadhg is buried in a place that has become known as ‘Tadhg’s Garden’, and in more recent times two young people who died by suicide have also been buried there. So I thought that raising funds for suicide awareness would be a positive thing to do.”


Jonny’s plan is to drive his Harley Davidson Pan America- a new model yet to be tested - from Cavan into Northern Ireland, then onto Scotland, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and finally Norway.

The 10,000km journey is expected to take 18 days to complete.

“It’s quite a long distance and I will need to travel 500-700km per day if I am to finish the journey within the timeframe set out,” he explains. “The bike is a new feature and is untested, so I’m going to find out very quickly what it’s made of. I developed a taste for the off-road and the roads less travelled, and this bike is designed for that type of terrain so that’s the reason I chose it.”

But why did Jonny pick the month of May to set off on his fundraising journey through Europe and the UK?

“It’s going to be cold when I pass the Arctic Circle and it’s the start of Spring there as well, so there will be snow and ice, but I’m camping all the way - wild camping and roaming. I’ll be using equipment that's used to scale Mount Everest because I have a long distance to cover. I was quietly confident up to three weeks ago, but I have an app that gives me access to the camp in Norway and the snow is still there so that’s a little bit concerning,” he added.

Not one to give up easily, Jonny has now developed plans B, C and D should the elements go against him. He has invested in snow tyres for the bike, arranged places where he can access a snow chain, and as a last resort is willing be to rent a snowmobile in order to reach his goal.

“Legally, there you have to have snow chains and snow tyres on your bike until the end of April, and you can wild camp under certain conditions including being 50m from a house; no camping on agricultural land; and no camping near cattle,” continued Jonny, before adding he is also bringing an Irish flag with him.

“I have 107 names of the loved ones of people from all over Cavan on the flag and when I get to the monument at Nordkapp, I’m going to read aloud all those names. I have 107 so far but I would like more, so if people want to become involved in that, they can contact me.”

Meanwhile, all monies raised will be handed over to the three charities. Jonny is financing the challenge himself. The Gofundme page ‘Cavan to Nordkapp - 10,000km to the top of Europe’ has raised €4,728 so far, with a target of €6,000.

The Harley Davidson community in Norway will also join Jonny on his journey, and he has support as well in Scotland and Denmark. Locally, Jonny is encouraging everyone to donate even a few euros on the Gofundme page to what he says are “very worthy causes”.